Boho Do's and Don'ts

Bohemian Style Do's and Don'ts

Since boho style is all about self expression and putting up fashion pieces that are eclectic and comfortable, it leaves the individual her freedom to choose whatever boho item suits her best. However, there are still things that you need to bear in min to avoid fashion mishap.

Do get inspiration from vintage items.

Open your parents' and grandparents' old cabinets and chest and see what fashion items you can get. A wide brown vintage belt can be used to accentuate a loose paisley top.

Don't even try to put on the old thick puffed sleeved blouses because they are never boho, even if they are vintage.

Do play with colors.

Boho style comes with different bold colors. Mix and match patterns with the same hue or pair them with earth tones.


Don't wear more than four different shades of color.

You don't want to look like a clown. Stick to at least two color combination and pattern. If you are wearing an Aztec cardigan over a bright top, then don't wear bright contrasting shorts.

Do play with accessories.

Wear different texture or accessories at the same time to add variation to your outfit. Combine long necklaces with short beads, pearls or feather accents. It is not considered bohemian if you stick to one simple accessory.


Don't go overboard with accessories.

The key to achieving perfect accessorizing is to look at the mirror before going out. If you think it looks too much, then it probably is. Also, if it's too heavy, then you should take off some pieces because you don't need to suffer just for fashion.

Do wear boots with short bottoms.

Boots make you edgy and sexy when wearing shorts, skirts that are above or a few inches below the knee, and mini dresses.


Don't wear boots with a maxi dress or maxi skirt.

This is a big no-no! Just wear flat sandals or wedges with long dresses.


Don't imitate someone else's style.

Study your body type and see what goes well with you. Just because Sienna Miller looks gorgeous on that flared jeans and loose top with loud prints doesn't mean it looks good on you too. Always remember that boho is all about comfort too.

Do experiment with layers.

It's fun to explore different ways to make a simple outfit look so boho. Plain cotton shirts can be extra chic with colorful accessories and layers. Good thing boho layering pieces like scarves, ponchos, and vests are cheap and can be used to rock multiple boho chic looks.